When students—girls in particular—are given unbridled access to hands-on opportunities in Science, Technology, 工程, Art, and Math (STEAM) they gain experiences and confidence to pursue passions and careers in fields traditionally dominated by men.

也通常被称为STEM, the "A" and "Art" represent strategic design and the importance of understanding aesthetics while engaging in practical applications of science, technology, 工程, 或数学.

热门网赌软件大全整合编码, making, 设计思考, 以及跨年级和学科领域的工程设计. 随着学生在年级上的进步, they encounter more open-ended and student-driven projects and have the opportunity to take part in electives and a range of co-curricular opportunities.


在Castilleja, 热门网赌软件大全的计算机科学, 数学, and Science departments guide students to develop core competencies which build a strong foundation for both co-curricular expressions of STEAM as well as deeper insights and breakthroughs in other subject areas and pursuits.